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Houselights for Auditoriums

PR75, Houselights White, Northview HS, MI

Houselights can help make a memorable experience.

Traditionally auditoriums contain a “houselight” system that is controlled to produce a desired effect such as fading the lights to dark or highlighting different parts of the room as needed to draw attention.

Today and in the future an auditorium is expected to do more. In order for the audience to really enjoy the show it is important to have a lighting system that is able to change the mood and have different settings for the wide range of activities that may occur

Luxapel Lights sell lights and controls that have a wide range of specialized capabilities such as being able to instantly dim smoothly with no flickering or change colors from a certain white temperature to saturated primary colors or a gentle pastel are necessary to provide a full range of effects for improving the audience experience in the auditorium.

Luxapel Lights are high performance with full-spectrum colors and high-definition dimming while offering control from a DMX console with wireless or wired connectivity.  With a range of power levels and form factors the selection of light fixtures from Luxapel is ideal for transforming an auditorium into a modern venue with immersive capabilities to create a memorable audience experience.

Case Studies

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