From wireless DMX control hubs to Mobile Apps for iPhone and iPad, Luxapel offers controls for all your lighting.


To complete your system Luxapel has a variety of control products that make it easy to set up and operate an installation of adjustable LED lights. Making use of wireless DMX and mobile app technologies we are making it is easier than ever to create amazing lighting effects for any venue.

The Wireless TRX1 Transceiver ‘controller’ can be used for all types of lights, it sends W-DMX commands to lights it is paired with and accepts input from a wired DMX console. The TRX1 is an essential part of a versatile control system and acts like a hub. You can use it in 3 ways:

  1. Plug in DMX signal (from any DMX controller or 3rd party solutions with iPad and hardware)
  2. Use built-in sequences (select the mode from a menu on the transmitter)
  3. Use our TRIXY app (running on iPad to compose / run sequences (then stored to the transmitter)


TRX1: DMX wireless console
Wireless W-DMX control console with dynamic smart features.
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Trixy mobile app
Mobile Apps
Luxapel offers two levels of sophistication; Smartphone app and the iPad app Trixy which allows lighting designers to create a show and send it to all the lights at once.
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