DIP Switch, Bluetooth, DMX instructions at your fingertips.

There are 3 ways that Luxapel lights are controlled:

3. Bluetooth

A DIP switch or Bluetooth module are the two means of setting the DMX address, and your lights generally will have one or the other feature. If your light does not have a DIP switch, then it will have Bluetooth (or a socket for a BLE module), in which case it can be controlled directly with a mobile app. In a large venue, Bluetooth (via the app) will be used to set the DMX address, and then the control is switched over to DMX512, and if desired the BLE module can then be put to sleep.

For smaller venues, Bluetooth (and the LuxiumApp) can be the only means of control.

Wireless DMX Setup Instructions

TRX wireless control boxFor communication with a DMX controller, a DMX cable is connected to the ZMX via the XLR jack on the back of the transmitter. The ZMX radio can then send commands to all Luxapel wireless DMX lamps that have been paired with the transmitter. The user interface consists of a menu screen and control knob for choosing settings. The user is able to choose DMX settings from the menu and configure groups of compatible lighting devices.

Luxapel instruments are available with wireless DMX control as an option. Lights with this capability can be set up to operate in a DMX universe by using a ZMX (Luxapel designed) or W-DMX (Wireless Solutions designed) transmitter to pass signals from the control console.

Wireless DMX sends control signals over the air using 2.4GHz band to all lights that have been paired with a transmitter. Once the transmitter is paired with the lamps a permanent relationship is established until a lamp is Unpaired.

The lights can also be used in wired DMX mode if they are equipped with XLR or RJ45 jacks.

Note: a unit must be un-paired before using it in wired mode.


LuxiumApp1. From the APP STORE download and run the LuxiumApp – Luxapel (iOS) or Luxapel2 (Android).

2. At the startup screen (GROUPS), touch the SCAN and SETUP button.

3. On the SETUP page you should see an available unit in the Ungrouped Lamps section. Touch the unit name (ZBxxxx) and ADD to a Group. Now your phone or tablet is ‘connected’ to the light – and will show up in the Groups section.

4. To change the color of the light, touch the small color wheel icon or the tile icon in the Groups section to go to the Color Wheel or Slider page.

LuxiumApp5. Set a color with the color wheel. Set brightness level and hue with the sliders.

Touch ‘SAVE’ in the app to store the current setting in memory so the light will return to this setting on startup.

6. Explore other tabs at the bottom of screen, to find tunable whites and cycles.

Touch ‘DMX’ at the top of the page to place the unit in DMX mode, if you wish to use DMX512 to control the light. NOTE: Bluetooth overrides DMX operation.

7. Connect each unit and choose INFO from the SETUP page to change the DMX address setting for each lighting unit.

NOTE – If you wish to connect a signal using wired DMX jack, Unlink the unit (at INFO page), since a wireless receiver acts as a local DMX master and will interfere with an external-input signal.



Many features can be set with the DIP Switch such as setting a fixed color or white. Try setting the switches for Full Light Output to get familiar with the orientation of the switch: The shorthand for this setting is 1001 1111. All switches are in the up (on) position except 2&3. (see illustration.)

NOTE: Addresses are set, using position 8 as the least significant bit. DMX address 1,2,3,4 is used when switch is set to 0000 0000 (all down). Address 5,6,7,8 are used with 0000 0001.