Adjustable-Color Retrofit Light Engine Module for PAR64/56 Can Fixtures

The PRIMO line is a remarkably efficient LED module made for user installation into existing ceiling fixtures for house lighting or as a retrofit LED solution for traditional PAR64 or PAR56 cans.

Now anyone can turn an old PAR64 or PAR56 fixture into a modern full-color LED stage instrument. With enough performance to take the place of old 1,000 Watt bulbs while using less than 100 Watts of power the PR60 is made for easy on-site refurbishment of traditional fixtures.

PRIMO lights are the perfect light for house lights for theaters, cinematography, church lighting fixture retrofits, wash lights for buildings, ceiling lights in auditoriums, stage lighting for cafetoriums, spotlights for artwork, accent lights for architectural décor, fill-in lighting for video recordings, event lights for weddings, auctions, fund-raisers, trade-shows and conferences. Also promote that we have W-DMX from Wireless Solutions which is a popular “industry standard” for wire-free DMX control as an alternative to hard-wires control systems.

15,000 LUX @ 2m / 8,000 lm / 120W / RGBLW / 22° narrow spot

The PRIMO PR75 (new for 2022) replaces the popular PR70 with improved performance. It is a remarkably bright and efficient retrofit LED module for updating existing lights and economically replacing obsolete incandescent bulbs. The PR75 produces spectacular saturated colors, beautiful pastels or calibrated white CCT’s and comes ready for user installation into existing ceiling fixtures or PAR64/56 cans.

The premium quality Luxapel light engine offers full-range color adjustment or tunable whites from 40 high-bright RGBLW LEDs using a unique 6-channel LED driver. This Luxapel design has no flicker and smooth dimming down to 0.1% for broadcast quality seamless video performance. For easy operation PR70 comes with wired DMX512 control using advanced firmware inside that intelligently blends the custom array of RGBWL LEDs to provide a simple to operate RGBW 4-ch profile.

For even more convenience the PR75 can be upgraded with an optional wireless DMX receiver to avoid the need to run new control wiring. For simplicity these lights use a DIP switch for setting unit address or selecting pre-defined operation modes. And for wireless set-up the unit can be upgraded with Bluetooth control for phone app mode setting. With more than 8,000 full-white lumens and a 15,000 lux center beam at 2m plus a uniform.

More than just an LED bulb, there is significant total lifetime savings with PRIMO.

  • No need for separate dimmer racks
  • No cost or troubles from running extra control wiring when using wireless DMX
  • Half the cost of electricity compared on standard LED fixtures that are not as efficient
  • No cost for replacing old fixtures with completely new lights – retrofit module fits right into the old sockets/fixture spaces in PAR64 or PAR56 or ceiling fixtures
  • Value pricing makes PRIMO half the cost of comparable name brand lighting instruments.


  • 8,000 lumens and 15,000 LUX center-beam at 2 m
  • Proprietary 6-channel mixed-LED control system for smooth dimming and industry-leading color tuning
  • 22-degree narrow spot beam with uniform circular shape. Adjustable with interchangeable diffusers
  • Rf Fidelity = 91 Rg Gamut = 107


  • Standard Wired DMX with RJ45 connectors or optional wireless DMX512 interface. (XLR option available)
  • Able to configure with wireless DMX receiver using Wireless Solutions W-DMX option
  • Standalone operation capability with DIP switch and Bluetooth option available for phone app control


  • Universal power supply with PFC > 0.90 with UL/CSA/CE rated Class 2 certifications
  • Very high efficacy LED system consuming 120W maximum consumption
  • Designed for safety and reliability with more than 60K hours of L70 LED life and IP20 rating


  • Durable aluminum frame w/ heat exchanger and low-noise fan for cool long-life operation
  • User configurable for installation into either PAR64 or PAR56 fixtures
  • Back plate configurable for: DIP switch, RJ45 connectors, power connector, DMX wireless antenna

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Single unit prices start at $399 each for full-color with wired DMX.

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