Art Galleries and Museums
Luxapel lighting for curators, artists, event coordinators, lighting designers, and system integrators.

Art Galleries

hospitality track lightsArtwork and Museum lighting that makes an impact on viewers requires unique capabilities in a lighting system. Not every LED fixture is able to create full-spectrum light with accurate color temperatures and high fidelity illumination while also allowing for smooth fades with uniform light distribution to bring out the best in the artwork and building spaces. With the right choice in light levels, beam shape, color temperature, and mix of LED colors it’s possible to produce a fantastic experience for visitors as they are guided through a gallery space with a combination of lighting effects that draw attention to details and set the mood with appealing results.

Light systems from Luxapel include a unique mixed-color LED blending system and optical elements that produce a full-spectrum beam that is uniform and easy to adjust to just the right level. Using wireless control to set the lights makes it easy to change the scene without needing extra control cables. And because Luxapel lights are designed for the highest possible efficiency the fixtures are compact and can easily be integrated into downlights or uplights or track fixtures to create spotlighting and wash lighting effects without unsightly infrastructure and wiring. Choose from a range of fixture styles from screw-in lamps, to mini-par track heads, to can light fixtures to suite any gallery lighting purpose while creating a word-class experience.