Luxapel lighting for directors, event coordinators, lighting designers, and system integrators.


Add the elements of color and excitement for your events. From hotel ballrooms to casino game rooms to nightclubs, bars, restaurants and theme parks, the goal is to mentally transport someone into a setting that is pleasant and memorable. Ambiance lighting plays a major role in how patrons feel about the quality and perceptions of an occasion or special attractions. Proper lighting and dynamic controls for the entire event can create a mood that is special. Even more: great lighting is vital to creating an atmosphere that suits the theme or brand of the venue.

Hospitality centers are increasingly using LED lighting and complete lighting DMX systems strategically to improve the experience for an audience for different types of occasion while minimizing control complexity and cost. From LED retrofit PAR lights for ceiling can lights with high CRI or adjustable colors to indoor or outdoor track lighting for special accents of building features and focal areas, Luxapel Lighting offers a wide breadth of solutions. With innovative, easy-to-install and energy-efficient lights to meet many requirements, the family of Luxapel Lighting products are designed to work together with wireless or wired DMX control and easy-to-use Bluetooth set-up convenience.