Luxapel has many years of experience developing high performance lighting systems with LED and optical technologies.

What’s Different about Luxapel?

Amazing Performance: Luxapel lights deliver more light output than other similar size event lights, all while using half the power. Offering smooth, full-range dimming and using exclusive additive-color LED lighting technology, Luxapel lights produce stunning, richly saturated colors as well as subtle pastels — and even precision-calibrated white CCTs from 2200K to 6500K.

Go Anywhere: Designed to make efficient use of space and energy, Luxapel products come in different forms, from track fixtures with PAR flood lights to complete lighting instruments for theater grids and even to wire-free battery event lights. They’re quick to install any time, any place.

Easy to Use: Luxapel lights use advanced wireless control technologies, making set-up and operation quick and simple. Use the Bluetooth phone app to set the lights for the right color and brightness, either alone or in groups. Or, with DMX512 control enabled, the lights are ready for standard theater control consoles. Simple, powerful, and versatile.


directional LED lighting productsAt Luxapel, we are dedicated to making the most useful directional LED lighting products in the world.

We bring together the most advanced technologies and ideas to make additive-color LED lamps with market leading efficiency and visual performance to rival professional theatrical lighting systems.

While gels may still be used, they are no longer needed and with advanced blending of RGBCLW LEDs for an expanded gamut the Luxapel color range surpasses what gel technology can offer and exceeds what’s possible with RGBW systems.

All Luxapel lighting products are based on innovative and unique light engine techologies that come together in a range of lighting instruments offering affordable theater quality performance for any occasion.

Using the Luxapel color blending light engine a full range of uniform and calibrated colors can be produced with additive mixing of individual LED colors. Luxapel invented this RGBCLW (red, green, blue, cyan, lime, white) technology that can deliver more than 100 lumens per watt, the highest efficacy stage and entertainment lighting in the industry!

Color Blending: We use our proprietary 6-channel LED drive system that enables a super-wide gamut. This makes it easy for users to select the exact color they want. We select high-intensity LED emitters that are specially matched to produce vivid and bright output with fewer parts than typical LED fixtures. This approach creates a higher performance light at a lower cost in a more compact package than other designs

Calibrated Color: We tune each light engine to produce precise color points and intensities that are consistent from one unit to the next. This makes it easy to have a lighting system where all the lamps output the same color. We also adjust the color temperature settings of every light to match the needs of many different application that benefit from specific CCT settings. This makes it easy to have high quality lighting that is easily adjusted to create the best look in a wide range of situations.

Optical Path: We use precisely designed optical lenses, diffusers and materials so the light path is totally controlled to produce very uniform beam shapes with minimal scattering and low glare. This makes it easy to create perfect illumination for different scenes. The whole optical path has been optimized by selection of materials and design features to be economical without compromise of performance. This makes a total system that is low cost with high performance and long life.

Power Regulation: We use high-efficiency power supplies and specialized power management techniques to minimize energy loss and keep temperatures low. This makes it possible to have long-life with higher intensity output from fewer LED emitters to save energy and maintain consistent light output

Thermal Management: An innovative use of sensors, smart control and efficient heat transfer features enables 50% more light output and by keeping the LEDs cooler, they last longer.

Digital Dimming: We employ 16-bit processing in the Luxapel LED engine for 100% to 0.01% dimming with no stepping or flicker to create smooth fades and color transitions using industry standard DMX512 control signals. This makes it easy for users to control lighting levels with high precision and make brightness level changes with standard control consoles.

Mulit-mode Control: We include different ways to control the light with options for wired or wireless DMX512 operation or with direct switch settings or with mobile phone apps and Bluetooth communication. This makes it easy for users to select the system that works best for any occasion and easily integrate with existing infrastructure to save cost

Luxapel has more than 30 years of experience in optics and lighting technology to create products that are ideal for new installations or upgrading conventional light fixtures.  We obsess over the quality and capability of our products while looking for every way possible to make them more affordable. We manufacture in the USA and make sure our lamps meet rigorous safety, reliability and quality standards.