Luxapel lighting for directors, event producers, lighting designers, system integrators, architects and performers.


Precision light, any time, any place. Performers, DJs, and entertainers are always on the go, constantly migrating from one venue to the next. This level of mobility requires portable lights and wireless controls that are easy to set up, easy to use, and easy to move.

For a small traveling show or solo performer, there is a need to create a unique experience for audiences and participants that includes dynamic lighting  and color-adjustable LED luminaires that add to the overall feeling and enjoyment that audiences expect. LED lights that are compact, easy to set up, and simple to operate are essential to a successful gig.

Given the wide variety of venues in mobile entertainment, flexibility and versatility are the watchwords. Luxapel lights are small and smart. They provide amazing color effects, from saturated to subtle, and precise white settings for the perfect color temperature. There truly is no comparison.

“I think a lot of people don’t realize what a great benefit this is compared to other lighting products. They really help us a lot since we play on tiny stages some nights and VERY wide stages other time”

Scott Laytham

Mobile Entertainer

Choose from retrofit PAR lights that easily install into socket fixtures combined with Luxapel’s complete lighting system engineered for easy installation, with quality you can see — bright full-spectrum color, wireless control, and smooth dimming. Luxapel Lighting is affordable excellence.