Luxapel lighting for directors, event producers, lighting designers, system integrators, and architects.

Lighting for Events

Event LightingBringing engagement and emotion through beautiful light. More than ever, adjustable color lights are being used to create amazing experiences. For private, public and corporate events, the right lighting can make or break the look and feel of your event. Luxapel Lighting is dedicated to making beautiful lighting that’s easy to install and operate with their wireless DMX controls.

Consider Luxapel for up-lights, wash lights, recessed lights, or border lights for weddings, festivals, galas, shows, product launches, parties, and more. With unique lighting technologies for high efficiency, wireless control, compact size, battery operation, and ease of use, the different families of entertainment lights from Luxapel offer any event producer the ability to create a transformative experience.

When it’s important to deliver brilliant colors, soft pastels, or calibrated white selections with the right beam shape and intensity, Luxapel lights are versatile and dependable. Plus, it’s easy to set up Luxapel lights with Bluetooth or DMX control, and Luxapel’s compact size makes shipping and configuration even easier.

Case Studies

NASA JPL Mars InSight Video Commentary scene with ZIBA, 112718