Luxapel is advancing the state of the art for color-adjustable lighting for LED retrofit lights used in entertainment and architectural applications.

The Luxapel Mission

Human-centric illumination and control. With attention to quality and performance, Luxapel (formerly Luxium Lighting) designs and manufactures advanced yet easy-to-use entertainment and architectural lights and controls that improve the appearance of performances and enhance the experience for audiences by creating immersive, mood changing effects with color-adjustable smart LED lighting systems.

Venues that benefit from Luxapel lights include facilities where adjustable lights are installed for operation by lighting technicians and in temporary places where events, festivals, and performance are produced. Typical sites where entertainment and architectural lights are used include theaters, performance halls, worship centers, event centers, schools, restaurants, clubs, retail stores, galleries, landscapes, and more.

Luxapel Values

Performance: Provide the highest quality and best designs to meet the needs of each application with attention on the right technology and ideal specifications for the intended use of the products.

Sustainability: Strive to make and implement good policies and decisions that will contribute to efficient use of energy plus increased reuse and recycling of materials. Take actions to be a leader in reducing waste and unsustainable consumption of natural resources.

Integrity: Assume responsibility and accountability for true honesty. Make reliable products that always exceed expectations and delight customers. Provide responsive support that both customers and stakeholders can rely on to help them achieve their goals.

Arlie ConnEr, Founder

ARLIE CONNER, FOUNDERThe Luxapel business was founded in 2014 by serial entrepreneur Arlie Conner, who won “Innovator of the Year” while at Infocus and later co-founded Lightware and Lumencor. Arlie brings long experience as a technology manager with a high-tech heritage from the silicon forest of Oregon to the vision of using advanced light engine designs and controls to make theater quality lighting accessible to many venues. As a result, he has designed and taken to manufacturing numerous families of innovative lighting systems.

Always seeking the best and brightest people and products, Luxapel is making use of deep expertise in electronics design and manufacturing from around the greater Portland, Oregon area where the products are developed and produced.