Wireless control, diffusion lenses, lamp cages, track lighting, and more!

Product options and accessories are available to better adapt Luxapel lights to any venue. To diffuse the beam from narrow to wide flood, use our interchangeable lens. For track mounting of ZOBO PAR30 lights, contact us for track adapters that will work well with the various kinds of Luxapel lights.

Wireless DMX receiver module.

The W-DMX™ technology was developed by Wireless Solution Sweden Sales AB, the world’s leading manufacturer of high quality wireless lighting control equipment. W-DMX™ has an installation base that is at over 350,000 units sold worldwide and growing. Luxapel is adding to that growth by integrating W-DMX into its portfolio.


  • True ‘plug-and-play’ system for wirelessly transmitting DMX commands
  • Higher level of interoperability — W-DMX™ is the standard for over 50 OEM partners.
  • Tremendous wireless range — upwards of 2200-ft (700-m) of effective transmission range.
  • Best-in-class reliability through dual-band and Adaptive Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (AFHSS) to dynamically avoid and bypass other radio frequency users.

An FAQ guide is available on the resource page for further information.

Ordering Information:
W-DMX is a factory-installed option that must be chosen at the time of purchase. The W-DMX option will replace the standard ZMX wireless DMX receiver module in the chosen lighting product.

NOTE: To control lights that have been adapted for W-DMX a user supplied transmitter compatible with W-DMX systems is required.

Adjust the beam up to 60 degrees with micro-lens inserts.

The Luxapel DK OPTICAL DIFFUSER KIT is a set of five different filters that are used to adjust the beam angle from narrow to wide flood configurations. This is an excellent option for creating a smooth and uniform beam with Luxapel Lights. These filters are easy to install on the front of the lamp and are held in place by the bezel ring. Used for applications that require a beam that spreads out over a wider angle than the standard narrow beam spot light, the kit includes an elliptical filter for wall wash applications.


  • Material: High-efficiency micro-lenses in optically clear polymer
  • Superb angle control, beam smoothing and color mixing
  • Snaps into front bezel for quick set-up of desired beam diffusion angle
  • Designed to fit on the front of each type of Luxapel light fixture

It’s easy to adapt Luxapel lights to fit many kinds of tracks.

Lights from Luxapel have a compact size and wireless control ability so it’s easy to upgrade track lighting systems with high quality and efficient LED illumination. For track with E26 socket fixtures, just install a ZOBO light and begin taking control with the Bluetooth app or use the hybrid version with wireless DMX for larger systems. Each installation is special, so ask us for help in building the right kind of track mount solution for your installation.