Luxapel lighting for directors, stage producers, lighting designers, system integrators, architects and performers.


Theater ApplicationFrom wash lights to border lights to down lights, Luxapel makes it happen. The special needs of stage lighting is where Luxapel began with an innovative mixed-color LED light made for retrofitting border lights in school theaters.

Today, for many theater facilities — from black boxes to community playhouses to concert halls — there is a movement to reduce energy use and upgrade lighting and control capability, all designed to enable higher quality performances and better audience experiences without extra costs or complexity.

Because of the innovations of Luxapel’s lights that use a unique RGBLW light engine design, the small and medium-sized stages can now have high-quality lighting and standard DMX control — just like large theaters. For theaters that strive for excellence, the stage lights from Luxapel are highly efficient while offering a superior color gamut, adjustable beam spreads, and smooth dimming in both PAR Can and Lamp packages.

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Cases Studies
Luxapel ZR30 Striplight LED upgrade Overview, 0318