Let us help you find the right mix of Luxapel Lighting and Control products to transform your space.


We know every lighting situation is different and what to choose can be a challenge.

The good news: Luxapel has lots of experience with many kinds of venues and offers a choice of standard products, custom options and basic to advanced system configurations for nearly any lighting occasion.

  • We offer free demo units for on-site evaluations if needed.
  • Many times we are able to make custom configurations to meet exact requirements or meet special needs.
  • For those who need many units for a big retrofit project we also offer quantity discounts.

To get started please contact us so we can help you begin your lighting transformation.

Place an Order

Ready to buy? Tell us about the products you desire and buy direct from us or we can link you with one of our reps to get focused attention. Choose the path that works for you — we’ll be glad to supply what you want.

Get a Quote

Contact us via phone or email — we’ll be glad to talk about what you want to accomplish. Based on your needs we will develop a quotation that considers the features and quantities you need. Once we know more about your lighting situation, we will work out a recommendation and connect you with the best set of products to meet your needs.

See a Demo

We realize that sometimes seeing is believing and when it comes to transforming your space a chance to give our lights a tryout can really help confirm your choice. Luxapel offers a demo program in situations where there may be doubts. To help you experience the quality of our lights and controls feel free to Contact us via phone or email to arrange a preview.

Be a Partner

Luxapel works with a range of integrators, event producers and reseller partners who provide special services and unique capabilities to fulfill customer needs. If you’re interested in working with Luxapel, please call us at 833.589.5483, or email us at We will be glad to speak with you about sales partner options.

Luxapel Lighting for nearly any lighting occasion