These are fixtures with long strips of lights that provide a broad coverage of light. Borderlights and Striplights typically use a PAR38 lamp at 100 to 250 watt with gel sheets to provide a fixed color.

Luxapel offers the ZOBO lamp with DMX control that will work well in these fixtures to provide an unlimited range of colors along with dimming directly from a DMX console without the need for dimmer racks. One ZOBO typically replaces three of the old PAR38 bulbs.

PAR38 Cans

Can lights are used for general down, side and front lighting and
do not focus. PAR38 cans typically use PAR 38 bulbs at 150 to 300 watts with gel filters. We have many installations in small and black box theaters where PAR38 cans are used for stage lights, work lights and house lights.

With a ZOBO retrofit lamp these ‘cans’ become professional stage instruments and provide all the features of big stage lights.


PAR56 and PAR64 Cans

Can lights are used for general down and front lighting and do not focus. Par 56/64 cans typically use a PAR56 or PAR64 lamp at 300 to 1000 watts.

Luxapel has a retrofit LED module called PRIMO for this size fixture. The PR60 product is an LED based insert with DMX control and full dimming. This fixture can also be used in larger ceiling fixtures and retrofit houselights. The PRIMO is an economical alternative to a full LED instrument.


Houselights and Fixtures

Houselights are used above the audience or along the walls of an auditorium or theater seating area. They could be installed as recessed fixtures, pendants or sconces and sometimes as can lights mounted to frameworks. The size and brightness of the fixture depends on the required coverage area and distances between lights and the seats.

Houselights are used as part of a production or to provide good lighting for the seating area or the lobbies or other rooms in the venue.



Luxapel has ZOBO retrofit lamps available for house lighting. The Triumph or ZIGI mini-par light can also be effective in house lighting applications. These are either used as color-adjustable lights or set to white only mode at the appropriate color temperature.

Dimming is done via a wireless DMX control that bypasses line dimmer system. These retrofits allow you to keep your current housing or recessed cans. This is useful for facilities where the fixture provides an aesthetic or architectural impact or it is desired to retain the existing fixtures.



Area Lights and Fixtures

Floodlights and Fresnels are typically used for down, side, and back lighting. They function as work lights or for stage productions or for
downlights in the auditorium space.

The ZOBO PAR30s, installed into a PAR38 or recessed fixture, may be used to replace incandescent bulbs and will provide full-color control. Dimming is typically done, by wireless or wired DMX controls or by using the Luxapel Bluetooth app. Beam-shaping diffuser ‘lenses’ can be added to all Luxapel lights to create wider or narrower patterns as needed.