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Church lighting with ZOBO PAR 30 retrofit lights

Extend light beyond the altar to create engaging, emotional effects throughout. Churches, temples, and other houses of worship perform many functions. The right lighting can help set the appropriate tone between church services, concerts, weddings, funerals, speakers, and more.

For a truly immersive experience, many churches are converting to color-adjustable controls for house lights, accent lights, front lights, back lights, and architectural lights. The benchmark for meeting all the functions that churches must address is an energy-efficient LED complete lighting system engineered for easy installation, with quality you can see — bright full-spectrum color, wireless control, and smooth dimming. Luxapel Lighting is affordable excellence.

Lighting Old Churches:
Old fixtures such as pendants and sconces with incandescent bulbs can be retrofitted with new LED lamps and, in other cases, totally new instruments can be installed as part of a facility upgrade. Luxapel’s color-tunable LED lights are a smart upgrade for house lights, stage lighting and architectural accents. With today’s wide variety of LED choices, it is now affordable to convert an entire church to PAR LED lighting.

Cases Studies:

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Riverside Church houselight upgrade

Augustana Lutheran Church relamp, phase 1

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