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February 15, 2018!


Completely wireless, compact, and easy to use, the ZIBA event light provides beautiful LED color, from deeply saturated to subtle pastel colors. Add precision control and you have an amazing lighting opportunity for any event, entertainment, or architectural application.

Here’s the offer: usually priced at $599 each, the ZIBA Two Pack is now available for just $799. Offer includes two ZIBA event lights, our Bluetooth control app, and a rapid charging adapter. Shipping is absolutely FREE.

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Take advantage of this offer to purchase your ZIBA Two Pack
before February 15, 2018!

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Offering bright beautiful colors and absolute ease of deployment, the ZIBA is a professional grade LED light designed for use in any situation that calls for a bright, compact, wire-free, color-adjustable instrument. ZIBA is two lights in one: a full-color luminaire and a selectable white instrument.

And the ZIBA is convenient. Need good battery power? The ZIBA shines two times longer than most similar products on a built-in 150Whr battery — and you can also run on AC. ZIBA offers two technologies for precise, wireless control: Luxapel Mobile App for Bluetooth control, and ShowCast for wireless DMX control.

Packing your ZIBA lights for transport? No problem — ZIBA is so compact that you’ll carry twice as many in the same space. Even more choice: get your lights in either of two versions — traditional black or in a color wrap.


  • ZB20: 1500 full white lumens/13WDC
  • Hybrid BLE/DMX512 (ZB20)
  • 0 to 100% output with square law dimming
  • 20°/30°/45°/60° beams with interchangeable lenses
  • 12 RGBLW High Bright separate LEDs for wide color gamut
  • Twelve Calibrated white CCTs – 2400K to 6500K
  • 90+ CRI
  • 4” diameter by 6” length
  • Only 3.5 pounds
  • Designed to survive IP65 conditions
  • Rated >50,000 hours (L70)
  • 150Whr Lithium Ion Internal Battery
  • Runs >11 hours on full white RGBLW settings
  • Runs up to 48 hours for single colors at full brightness
  • Available with custom color skins