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Hello Integrators! Lighting systems from Luxapel offer best in class performance and easy installation.

Best-in-Class Lighting Performance

basic lighting systemHigh performance lighting has left the stage and is entering new venues.

Luxapel Lighting’s innovations—from industry-leading efficacy, stunning beam quality, 90+ CRI tunable whites, and breathtaking colors to the world’s highest performance PAR30 retrofit—set the benchmark for flexible lighting solutions that bring theatrical performance to almost any venue.

Our patented lighting technologies are used to bring new levels of lighting performance and affordability to ballrooms, churches, & nightclubs.

Lighting is our passion. Innovation is our lifeblood.

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Minimize Cost & Maximize Performance

Installation-Friendly Lighting and Control Solutions.

Great results don’t have to cost a fortune. Luxapel’s installation-friendly features make sensational lighting solutions easy to design and install.

Need color? Tunable whites? Desire shorter installation time and fewer hassles?

Our ultra-performance PAR retrofits and multiple wireless solutions will save days to weeks of installation time, and our retrofit lamps have the lighting power and beam control to make a truly stunning impact.

Don’t get stuck with cumbersome and overpriced lighting systems. Luxapel’s installation-friendly solutions get you premium lighting with less system cost.

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  • More on control applications: Bluetooth APP  |  TRIXY

Ready to Solve Your Lighting Needs

Quote from Luxapel LightingLuxapel has the components, system knowledge, and experience that you need.

Whether you’re looking for a tear-out, big-budget renovation or a cost-effective upgrade, Luxapel Lighting has a solution for you. From intimate restaurants to cavernous churches, our solutions deliver extraordinary lighting while reducing huge system –level costs.

We can help you with your system design.

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